Catching Jessie – November 2016

Jo Halley is our kiwi ranger. Below is her account of catching Jessie – a ONE released kiwi that lives in the ranges behind Blackball.

“Fran (one of our volunteers) came with me to check on Jessie’s harness, in the hope Stamper would be with her. Stamper lost his transmitter last autumn after I couldn’t catch him. Sure enough there was someone else with Jessie but whoever it was,  sneaked out as we approached and gave us the slip…very Stamper – like behaviour! Fran said it was a very big kiwi, so it may have been an adult female instead. Jessie is still very small but her bill is too long now for her to be a male. She is living in nice regenerating forest between Roa and Kinsella Peak, and we know Rata and Stamper live nearby. She stayed put in her small roost and was very quiet while I changed her band. Maybe next visit in 6 months, we’ll get lucky with Stamper….”
Jessie4 - Nov 16