About us

The Paparoa Wildlife Trust (PWT) consists of a small and dedicated team of committed  individuals working collaboratively with DOC to establish and maintain effective conservation projects in the South Paparoa Range, north of Greymouth on the West Coast of the South Island.

We have been in operation since 2006 when we started running a relatively low key trapping project to protect a small and dwindling population of whio in the Moonlight creek. This effort was soon expanded to include a relatively ambitious (at the time) project with great spotted kiwi / roroa. The PWT’s efforts with roroa were focused on monitoring adult kiwi and using the Bank of New Zealand Operation Nest Egg (BNZONE) program as a means to ensure some recruitment of juvenile kiwi back into the Paparoa Range. Our aim being to return 20-25 juvenile roroa produced through BNZONE back to the unprotected Paparoa Range and monitor long term.

Once this project was under way  we quickly got on to the next thing we deemed necessary for the success of our projects and that was a predator proof enclosure aptly named ‘Bois Gentil’ meaning friendly forest in which to use as a crèche to raise the juvenile kiwi produced through BNZONE. This creche located in the valley at the base of the Paparoa Range was opened in January 2010 and has so far had approximately 21 chicks destined for the Paparoa Range grow up there.

Now after six years utilizing BNZONE we are approaching our target of 20+ juveniles returned to the Paparoa Range that we will monitor long term. The information we are interested in finding out is; What portion of BNZONE bred kiwi go on to form breeding pairs, whether they mate with fellow ONE birds or wild born kiwi and whether they are capable of producing chicks of their own that are recruited back into the wild kiwi population.

With the intensive stage of this kiwi project nearing completion we are moving on to the next stage which is sustained and integrated pest control across 3600ha of the Paparoa Range – the Roaring Meg Ecological Area (RMEA) in order to offer some protection to the ecosystem as a whole.

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Mission statement

To be recognised as a professional conservation organisation fostering community involvement and ecological enhancement.

– Success of the projects in a community education and environmental enhancement context depends on the level of commitment of trustees, paid staff, volunteers and support from the local community and Iwi. Ownership, educational benefits and enjoyment of the projects are perhaps the key elements of involvement for the local community. – Participation by young and old alike will ensure that the projects flourish and remain true to their mission statements.

– Continued existence of great spotted kiwi/roroa and blue duck/whio in the South Paparoa Range necessitates embracement of Paparoa Wildlife Trust’s recovery project by skilled, enthusiastic and dedicated participants.


To ensure a healthy forest habitat that is host to self sustaining populations of native species by reducing their exposure to introduced mammalian pests


  1. To run effective recovery programs – Recovery of species namely whio and roroa and recovery of habitat through sustained and integrated pest control.
  2. To protect forest habitats so that birds and other native species may benefit without hands on manipulative management
  3. To have a committed team continually learning and sharing knowledge
  4. To build strong community support through active engagement and inclusion in PWT projects

Primary Objective

To maintain an effective and integrated predator control operation within the 3600 ha Roaring Meg Ecological Area in order to positively benefit the ecosystem as a whole, boost biodiversity and halt the decline of our iconic threatened species.